Gold Eye Guardian



Our amazing eye elixirs are super special as the sensitive eye area requires extra special care. The skin around your eyes is the thinnest, most sensitive area of your body. The stainless steel roller ball ensures that the product can be applied efficiently, accurately and lessens the risk of germs.

Our eyes are our windows to our souls, we want you to be able to look after yours in order for your soul to shine!

Gold helps in improving blood circulation which in turns increases hydration and maintains the skins moisture level. The small particles of gold are absorbed by the skin which imparts a rich glow making the skin appear healthy fresh youthful and radiant. The particles of gold also help to slow down the skins collagen depletion, lighten the skins complexion & stimulate the skins cells to make the skin firm and improve blood circulation. This aids with premature ageing caused from sun damage, tanning & pollution.

Almond Oil helps to lighten the dark circles under eyes and reduce puffiness due its anti inflammatory and anti oxidant properties. It also contains Vit E which helps with keeping delicate under eye skin smooth. Black Obsidian crystals draw out tension and promote the removal of blockages whilst Frankincense has wonderful detoxing and cleansing properties. When used over the lymph nodes, it helps to drain and cleanse them, reducing under eye bags and puffiness. It also promotes cell regeneration which helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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