Harnessing natures energy.

All our crystals are ethically sourced and fairly traded with our partners in Brazil.

About The Crystal Complex

Discover the beauty and power of natures gems at our crystal shop, where every stone has been selected  for its unique nature healing and aesthetic properties.

From mobile phones to TV's, crystals are critical elements in many items we use in our modern world.  From Cleopatra to Napoleon, people have been using minerals and gemstones for their metaphysical properties for centuries.  Crystals possess energy that resonate with natural vibrations in the human body to bring about healing and balance.  Whether you are someone who believes in the energy they hold or you appreciate them for their natural beauty, Crystal Complex London strives to bring you premier, ethically sourced crystals.

We are a start up that began life in the Pandemic where we grew from making Crystal Skin Elixir Oils to selling breathtaking rare pieces which are often of museum grade quality. We curate crystals consciously and have a clients ranging from businesses to individuals looking to enhance the energy and ambience in their space.

Pls email us to arrange viewings in Mayfair London or we can accommodate crystal consultations by video call.

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